Eco- Global Proposal For Setting up a Global Green Technology University in India

Our Green Global Vision:

To be the first Global Green University with eco- global silicon valley facilities in empowering over one million green global game changers (entrepreneurs) with campuses in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America in next ten years.

Our Green global Mission:

To provide the ideal global eco- environment for higher eco-learning, green global research and development, state-of-the-art green Silicon Valley facilities and a creative atmosphere conducive to excellence in pursuit of eco-knowledge. Be a leading global knowledge leader in green technology development and green tech entrepreneurism in the green global academia and industry; and provide global outsourcing and green consultancy services to industrial/ organizational setups in this domain. Encourage global students, researcher and future global leaders, green start-ups to be "balanced specialists", who excel in sustainable development, while being well-rounded through personality-development & extra-curricular activities.

Develop global green global game changers who will be recruited by green global companies whilst contributing to the economic vitality of the state and country Create an environment to attract top faculty; and build a pool of academic leaders by providing the right ambience and resources.

Eco- global Proposal in brief:

With the green global vision of building a world-class green global university that combines academic & teaching pursuits with top of the range green global business model (smart green global business model), the Green Global Foundation Smart Independent worldwide consultancy is all set to fast track various eco- global proposals for setting up of a Global Green University of Green technology and Green Management Sciences to more than 20 respective state Governments, Republic of India.

The foundation envisages significant eco- global investments to develop well equipped state of the art labs as well as to recruit and retain the best faculty through a challenging work environment, competitive emoluments, and access to global information sources. Faculty members will be expected to drive research through research grants from national and international donors. The research facilities will also serve as an eco- global incubator for the further development of Green technology companies and green technology parks , part of the large global green ecosystem.

The Foundation (Smart Independent world Wide Consultancy) is committed to follow specific Indian UGC regulations (2003) for Private Universities and will also follow the guidelines of different regulatory bodies (AICTE, PCI, ICMR, ICAR, CSIR, etc.). Partnerships with industry, academia and the Government shall be the special focus of the University. These linkages will help in customizing eco-global education to the needs of the industry, leveraging the best available teaching resources, and participating in the quest for a better quality for the people in the region.

Lastly, we believe that India with other emerging countries is at the cross roads of capturing the green economy powered by the green technology revolution--and for that matter our Global Green University can play a significant role in helping achieve this objective.

With the launching of this University, we aspire to translate our vision of providing world class education in green technologies like biotechnology, nanotechnology and green management sciences and facilitating research and innovation in these areas.

I invite you to be a stakeholder in this eco- global dream- as a venture capitalist, funding body/organization, eco-global game changer( green students) , and a faculty member or just as a citizen of a progressive and forward thinking society-and turn it into reality.

With best wishes

Vivek Verma

President Smart independent worldwide consultancy -Asia Pacific