Editorial Guidelines for green business promotion:

Nowadays we will see different types of enterprises which are having a good reputation and known for their profitable business in the international market. Sustainable business which is commonly known as green business is a type of enterprise that assists in green activities and eco-friendly professions. These companies have so many civil liberties and constitutions by which these are having less unenthusiastic collision on the global environment. It provides eco-friendly goods or services which decreases the growth rate of non-green products. Green business editorial is a promotional asset by which a green business enterprise we can get access to resources, products, knowledge and networking.

These concerns about the editorial coverage like enduring community projects, concise news, success stories, economic bangs on green business, research and trend details, branch and staff news and industry insights. We can find green business editorial throughout the globe from students, engineers, construction leaders, educators, government decision makers and architects. These editorials require some writing styles and skill to promote the green business around the world and to build the reputation in international market. Green business is a three-legged stool of profit, planet and people. By using different types of writing skills we can affect the ecology, society and the growth of business.

Green business editorials are the editorials which contain many articles which are more than 500 words. Some enterprises accept articles by email have not authority to publish at the diplomacy of editors. Those articles should contain a concise author biographical sketch on the bottom. This brief should have one to two sentences which include article title, author's name, address, relationship and phone number. These editorials need some visuals to endorse the business. So authors are encouraged to propose original photographs with graphs, charts and other illustrations. The images should be in JPEG or TIFF format. This type of image files should have 300 dpi and size of 3 to 5 inches. Articles which are containing tables must have in MS word or Excel format.

PowerPoint files are not acceptable in editorials and we should add some caption material in a separate document file. Writing skills should have short paragraphs and error free and the language should be slang-free in green business editorial. A green business is a business which takes part in every eco-friendly programs to make sure on all processes, products and fabricating activities. Green business needs customers at the time of treating the ecosystem.