Green Minute

The number of minutes a person dedicates for doing some good to the environment is called as green minute. The word itself describes about spending number of minutes going green.In the field of telecommunication, every small callgenerates a little amount of carbon. This carbon adds to the green house effect. So if we go on to count the number of people producing carbon only through a telephone then every individual is responsible to add to the greenhouse effect. The amount of carbon produced can be reduced by using voice network to digital world, which in turns uses less power thereby reducing carbon generation.

Green minute is not only confined to the world of telecommunication. It is related with every equipment using power to function, like an electric heater. People here can contribute towards by using a heater once for cooking and eating twice.Recycling is the best way you can express your regards to environment.

Employ green in your organization by implying all the environmental friendly features. Take a step and let everyone know about your goals.