Write For Earth

Global Warming is a major critical environmental challenge facing the world in current days. As the industrial development is largely based on the use of fuels and fossils, which in turn, may boost the quantity of greenhouse gases. Due to which, the most developing countries are under extreme pressure to reduce the production of greenhouse gases that are the root reason of greenhouse effect to avoid the perils of any environmental devastation.

If someone wants to join write for the earth, then one should have to keep in mind that climate is the average temperature in an area over a long time period. Climate change is the state of environment, warm or cold. In case of the change in climate or in "global warming" the temperature is changing badly. The problem is that if the climate keeps getting warmer, we may be force into an ice age, or have other major damage done to our earth. "Global Warming", in next few years, could cause devastation such as; typhoons, drought, floods and increase the rate of; dengue, malaria, fever and cholera.

Write for the earth keeps an eye on the root cause of global warming and the process of heating up of the earth's surface is the level of CO2 is increasing continuously in the atmosphere, because of green house effect. The sun rays reflect on the earth's atmosphere and heat up the earth's environment. Some of this heat absorbed by the ground but most of it is reflected by ice and water back into the environment. These gases absorb heat, and keep it in the atmosphere, which makes our planet being warm. Green house gases are necessary for our life, but from the last 200 years a huge amount of green house gases have been added disrupting the balance of gases in the environment. From the view of write for the earth the earth acts like a green house. If the balance is misbalanced, the planet becomes too hot or too cold. Huge amount of gas in the air causes too much heat being conserved. For which carbon dioxide, methane, and NO2 are added into the atmosphere, which is creating the "Green house effect". At the time of burning fossils and fuels for producing electricity we are creating a huge amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. We are producing more carbon dioxide than our planet is able to handle. About 33% of CO2 production is from the burning of gasoline in cars and trucks. Or for each gallon of gasoline 19.6 pounds of CO2 is produced into the environment. If car manufacturer decide to increase the gasoline mileage just about 5 kilometers, then we can save one million barrels of oil each day and a huge amount of in fuel. Only the cars are not causing the carbon production, it is also airplanes and power plants and the factories. By joining write for the earth u will become a part of environment.

The increase of temperature turn challenges to the plants and animals to adapt and survive in over heated areas. The wet lands will also be affected. The wet lands will become the home for some of the rarest and in danger of extinction species. Climate change may be the reason of lower water levels and the increase of temperatures, factors that could put at risk the survival of plants and animals who thrive in these areas. Due to the high number of cities the experiencing similar states and even worse, a discussion to put forward solutions needs to take place and write for the earth is going to take step. Here, I will be looking at varying places to take some key actions for an improved environment. Many cities are already experiencing environmental collapse like pollution and fog. Hence, there needs to be sustainability strategy in place to reduce the effect of city urbanization on the atmosphere. First and primarily, the drop of using cars is necessary. In the view of write for the earth Public transportation, vehicle are all options that can trim down the density in certain places and can disable negative environmental situation like smoke and pollution. Another problem that most of the cities face is lack of space. If the lessening of space in cities is made a main concern, then we would notice instant changes in the climate of those cities. Using a reduced amount of land for housing and retailers will make more room for more public transportation and the reconstruction of natural land and resources. Along analogous lines in reference to housing, when new buildings and economical systems are designed, they could have designs to reduce energy waste. An example of this can be shown when new builders build edifices to last long and policies need to be ready for supporting sustainability.write for the earth thinks another way to reduce space is joining retail and housing into same building.

Fresh water fish and water life could also be misplaced in parts of various places on the earth. High temperatures may be the cause of lower water levels in inland lakes and streams causing fish to swing northward 150 kilometer for every degree increase in temperature. Cold water species, like trout and brook, may be replaced by warm water species. In the arctic, reduced sea ice thickness and rise in sea levels may be the advantage of some species which may be able to grow on new areas. Others such as polar bear are especially as seals may refuse due to less sea ice for reproduction and feeding. They could become wiped out through starvation if the ocean becomes seasonally ice free for long time period and write for the earth thinks this situation must be changed. As the sea ice melts the polar bears are forced ashore to use up their summers fasting. The arctic sea is decreased by up to 5% each year. The sea ice has a cooling effect by reflecting light away from the earth's surface. As it melts, global warming advances even faster.

So if we get a little concern about our environment and echo system then write for the earth must have to take steps to improve the current condition of our down going environment. It will be good if we arrange various tree plantation programs in front of factories and industrial areas to purify the CO2, and maintain the echo system balance. Trees are the only key to save our environment from the downfall due to global warming.